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Institut Curie is a comprehensive cancer centre and a non-profit foundation bringing together a world-class multidisciplinary Research Centre, and a cutting-edge Hospital Group located in Greater Paris. Based on a model developed by Nobel Laureate Marie Sklodowska-Curie, Institut Curie’s missions are patient care, research and education to improve treatments and therapies for patients. The Research Centre groups 88 research teams, including 21 recently established and led by junior principal investigators selected through competitive international calls. They jointly develop cancer-focused basic and translational research. The Hospital Group treats more than 50.000 patients per year, providing care for a broad range of cancers including the rarest forms.

IC offers a 42-month contract as non-permanent full-time employee of Institut Curie. The Early-Stage Researcher will benefit from social security coverage and social benefits under French law. The conditions consider assistance with housing and public transportation coverage up to 70%. IC will provide free language courses through the students and postdocs association.

IC is in Greater Paris and offers a working environment that combines innovation in all aspects of cancer research, from the fundamental mechanisms related to the growth of the disease, to emerging diagnosing techniques and therapeutic approaches. The research involves cell and developmental biology, epigenetics, genetics, physics of the living systems, pharmacochemistry, radiobiology, systems biology, bioinformatics, immunology and social sciences. The trainee will be in touch with technologies like model organisms; light, EM and ionic microscopy, single cell platform, chemical library, genomics, proteomic, therapeutic and recombinant antibodies, experimenta radiotherapy, and flow cytometry.

IC is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre that combines a Research Centre and a Hospital Group. An institutional medico-scientific programme is optimising the interactions between basic, translational and clinical research to improve access to personalised medicine and new treatments. More than 14% of patients are included in clinical trials. In 2020, 223 ongoing clinical studies were ongoing, 182 related concerning adults and 41 concerning children or adolescents.

Institut Curie’s international PhD programme aims to train a new generation of early-stage researchers to achieve excellence in basic sciences and their clinical and industrial applications in cancerology. Partly financed in recent years by the European Commission’s MSCA COFUND scheme, the programme offers innovative training, exposing PhDs to inter-sectoral and international mobility, generous peer mentorship schemes, and a novel transferable skills programme. The programme recruits around 5-12 students every year and has been running for more than 10 years.

More than 80 nationalities are represented at IC. The university accredited international courses that gather students from all over the world and enable networking opportunities. As associate member of Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University, IC is part of a trans-disciplinary world-class research and training center. IC’s involvement in the EU-Life Alliance also offers international course and secondment opportunities. Moreover, the students’ association organizes an annual scientific meeting that allows lively interactions.

The metropolitan Parisian region, Ilê-de-France, hosted in 2019 more than 100 000 international students, and it is famous for its vibrant cultural and social life. The main site of IC is in the historic 5th arrondissement, home to some renowned and prestigious French universities and institutes, such as Sorbonne University, and known for its bustling student life.

IC has an active PhD and Post-Doc association which organises several social and career development events.


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