BRIC#6 – Tumour evolution, heterogeneity, and understanding of the mutational processes leading to aggressive disease2022-05-12T16:57:52+00:00
BRIC#5 – The impact of severe maternal respiratory tract infections on fetal brain development and offspring behavior2022-05-19T18:49:58+00:00
BRIC#7 – Understanding and overcoming drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia2022-05-24T08:43:03+00:00
BRIC#4 – Epigenetics, metabolic rearrangements and gene regulation in hepatobiliary diseases (epi-metabolic deregulation)2022-05-11T17:50:51+00:00
BRIC#3 – Brain tumor microenvironment and its influence on tumor agressiveness and resistance mechanisms2022-05-24T08:46:48+00:00
BRIC#2 – Mechanisms underlying maintenance of genome stability2022-05-11T16:54:51+00:00
BRIC#1 – Molecular mechanisms of AML with focus on translation2022-05-18T11:45:44+00:00
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