Our group is composed of currently nine fellows and is gender and nationality wise balanced. We host and train researchers with both wet and dry lab expertise and we had MDs sitting inour lab meeting frequently. Provided that the trainee had a solid clinical or biomedical training, our lab is a valuable asset for the trainee and we do benefit from fellows with a patient-oriented mindset. We currently interact with several clinicians at Charité or elsewhere. In particular, we haveexisting collaborations with Prof. David Capper and Dr. Katja von Hoff with whom we share interest in rare pediatric brain tumors, with Prof. Michael Synowitz and Dr. Charlotte Fluh, with whom we liaise for high-grade brain tumors, and with Dr. Anton Henssen, with whom collaborations are in place to study neuroblastoma.

Country: Germany
Supervisor: Gaetano Gargiulo

The position

What’s the main purpose of our research?

We investigate the molecular mechanisms regulating tumor homeostasis and response to anti-cancer therapy.

How we will do it?

We focus on adult and pediatric brain tumors, and on non-small cell lung cancer.

Why is this important?

Glioblastoma is heterogeneous and incurable. For years, many seminal studies have shown that glioblastoma exists as a heterogeneous mix of multiple entities or cell states but discriminating between entities and states is difficult. Moreover, several clinically relevant covariates, such as differentiation, inflammation, radiotherapy, hypoxia, and infiltration by innate immune cells were shown to correlate with a glioblastoma state transition.

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