Lab's research themes:

We focus on clinical solutions in liver and bile duct cancers to unravel perturbed mechanisms required for these tumors to develop, to grow and to metastasize. Our research programs include integrative omics-driven patient characterization and stratification, biomarker discovery, epigenetic therapy, inflammatory and immune deregulation and metabolic diseases. We are always interested in extending our biological understanding of the liver and hepatobiliary system, learning and/or collaborating on new research areas helping us alleviate clinic problems.

Merits of the lab:

The Andersen group have extensive collaborations worldwide, and Dr. Andersen is co-founder of the European Network for the Study of Cholangiocarcinoma – ENSCCA (

Why do we want medical doctors?

Our research group is multidisciplinary, hosting both a wet-lab and bioinformatic sections. The group is multi-lingual, -ethnic and gender-diverse. Past MD PhD students have already graduated. Our main collaborators are national and international clinicians.

Country: Denmark
Supervisor: Jesper Andersen

The position

What’s the main purpose of our research?

We aim to study the epigenetics, metabolic rearrangements and gene regulation in hepatobiliary diseases (epi-metabolic deregulation).

How we will do it?

To tackle these questions, we will use a wide variety of top-notch methodologies in biomedical research, such as omics data, genetic editing in primary cell lines and organoids, as well as bioinformatics.

Why is this important?

Metabolic liver diseases causing cancer are increasing, and our biological understanding, as well as therapeutic options, are limited. Uncharted research areas are the interplay between epigenetics and metabolism as well as manipulating vital signalling molecules in the tumor microenvironment (TME). Genetically modifying central genes, e.g. controlling the metabolic regulation, will allow us to start to understand the biology and consequence of the disease progression. This knowledge is crucial to improve diagnosis, patient stratification and design novel treatment options.

Who is a good fit for the project?

Experience in hepatology (liver cancer and NAFLD), as well as programming skills in R or similar languages.


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