1. Personal details.
  2. Education: degree information and copies (Bachelor, University, Master).
  3. Curriculum Vitae including:
    • Scientific interests and record of accomplishments: publications (highlighting impact and contribution), research and/or clinical experience and main results, posters or talks at meetings, prizes, fellowships, etc.
    • Outreach experience: technology transfer, science education and/or public engagement activities.
    • Preferred host laboratory or PI and research areas: maximum two laboratories of their choice.
    • Career breaks, if any.
    • Motivation letter, specific motivation for applying to this programme and motivation for one of the two selected laboratories.
    • Contacts of two referees. The referees will receive an automatic email to complete the reference letter online. Candidates will be able to check whether and when the reference letters were submitted.
    • Signed eligibility statement: candidates have to self-report their degree, research experience and their mobility in the last 3 years prior to the date of recruitment, to facilitate the eligibility screening afterwards.

We may ask candidates to provide proof of English proficiency, based on the rules of the selected recruiting centre. The application template is available and downloadable